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'Funny Bunny'
Welcome friends to my little corner on the Web, take a minute or two to relax and see some real cute bunnies & maybe learn a little about their care . . . . . .

I have developed such a fondness and respect for these furry little creatures, that I thought I would  share some of the things I have learnt through being 
a bunny 'parent'!

I really hope you enjoy my little corner of cyberspace, 
it was designed with love and a genuine wish to educate 
people in bunny shenanigans!


My Sweet Lavender's Memorial Page

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Win "The Willow" 
Just email me with your URL and I will take a look!
Sites MUST Be Either Rabbit Friendly, Or Family Friendly!


My special thanks to The H.R.S (House Rabbit  Society)
for their commitment and support to rabbit rescue.
Also for all of the invaluable information that they 
have passed  on to me!

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